Once you have sent your packet to our office, we will call and check your benefits for weight loss surgery.

Dr. Champion is only a contracted, in-network provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO. Your co-insurance and co-pay are based on your in-network benefits.

He is an out-of-network provider for all other insurance companies. What does that mean? This means we accept all patients with insurance as long as your policy has out-of-network benefits. For example: if your out-of-network benefits are 80/20, that means your co-pay is based on 20%. Our office is able to offer you information regarding these fees once your benefits have been checked and coverage is verified. Our hospital is an In-Network-Provider.

Dr. Champion does not participate with Medicaid.

Medicare Patients: Please contact Dr. Champion’s office for more information.

Each insurance company requires different materials for approval. Once we receive your paper work, we will review it for the following:

1. You must meet the criteria set up by your insurance company for weight loss surgery.

2. Your information is complete.

3. Check Insurance Benefits: This will let us know what you need in order to gain approval from your insurance company. Example: documentation for diet history; medical clearance letter from MD; 6 month dietitian or Dr. visited document; psychiatric evaluation. We will not know what is required until we call and verify your benefits.

4. Upon reviewing your medical information, Dr. Champion may ask for additional medical testing if your history warrants it.

5. If your weight is over 400 pounds, or if you are not sure of your weight, you will be required to come in for an office visit with Dr. Champion. At this visit, we will weigh you again, and Dr. Champion will see how your weight is distributed on your body, the heaviest person from our practice weighed 600 pounds. How your weight is distributed on your body will determine if surgery is applicable.

6. All surgery is performed laparoscopically.

If your insurance company requires you to have a nutritional evaluation, 6-month documented diet history, or psychological examinations, these can be provided by our in-house Dietitian and Psychiatrist.

Patients without Insurance Coverage: Self-Pay

When your insurance company won’t pay, we have many self-pay options that may work for you. For our patients who do not have insurance, do not meet medical necessity requirements set by insurance, or have an exclusion on their policy, we have a discounted surgery package price.

Our self-pay package price is discounted for those paying cash. This is a complete cost of doctor, hospital, assistant and anesthesia. All of your follow-up is included in your surgery fee with Dr. Champion. Our office does not charge a program fee for any of our support groups or post-operative Care. Our patients are our patients for a LIFETIME OF CARE.

Patients paying cash for surgery will need to complete the patient questionnaire and send it in. When we receive it, Dr. Champion will review the chart and make sure you meet the criteria for weight loss surgery. Once you are approved as a candidate, we will call you regarding fees and surgery dates.


For some patients, they may have insurance coverage but need to borrow for the amounts that are not paid by the insurance company. For others, they may not have insurance or their insurance has an exclusion policy for weight loss surgery. Financing allows them to have the surgery.

If you are considering financing, take the time to compare loan terms and find one that works for you. Consider that each monthly payment is an investment in your future healthcare, helping you live a longer healthier life.

The Videoscopic Institute would like to assist patients with recommending financing options that can help bring the procedure into your budget.

If you need a payment plan, we have several companies that specialize in Healthcare financing: Please call our office for this information. 770-425-5525. Plus, many lenders offer flexible financial solutions, such as:

  • Credit Card
  • Personal Credit Line
  • Home Equity Line
  • Mortgage

You can also inquire with your lender about:

  • Flexible monthly payments and reasonable interest rates
  • Secured and unsecured loans
  • Higher approval rates
  • Quick application and approval processes

Also, the IRS considers bariatric surgery to be a major medical expense, and therefore may be tax deductible. Your tax advisor should be able to help you with the details.

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