Dr. Champion.com has many pieces of information regarding the health of our future patients, types of programs we offer, the benefits and risks of bariatric surgery, etc. Browse through the sections below to get a better understanding of what we have to offer based on our services.

Benefits & Risks

Multiple studies have documented that severe obesity is associated with very high risks of health problems, early death, and cancer.

Steps To Begin Process

Weight loss surgery isn’t a “magical treatment” which works alone or allows people to continue to eat as they would before the surgery. It requires a commitment by each patient to change his or her lifestyle to focus on health and a new approach to food.

Obesity Contract

View, print and fill out the obesity contract, as you might be asked to have it with you for your next appointment.

Patient Responsibilities

This website provides a general overview of laparoscopic surgical techniques available for the management of severe obesity. The decision to have any surgical procedure should be the patient’s choice after consulting with his/her surgeon.

Post Operative Instructions

The following Post-Op Bariatric Instructions will serve as general guidelines to assist patients of Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery in your recovery after surgery for severe obesity by the Videoscopic Institute of Atlanta P.C.

Good Measure Meals

Dr. Champion has teamed up with Good Measure Meals to provide his patients with a healthy food delivery option after weight loss surgery.

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